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Darksiders fanfic Chapter 15: Death of a God
        “Why is Ra destroying the city?” Jess asked as Strife met up with her, knowing what was going on above, and mostly recovered by now.
        “Because this place hold most of Osiris’ and Isis’ supporters, and by destroying it, he wipes out the competition, and uses the threat of Set to justify it.”
        “Wouldn’t Horus come in and stop them both?”
         By now, Strife had climbed out via the open trapdoor. Jess was hovering beside him, still waiting for an answer.
        “Maybe, but it doesn’t matter. Ra will have probably burned down the whole city by now.” Strife answered as he climbed up. And he was wrong, Set had put up a dome of magic, a dome Ra couldn’t penetrate. Within, Set was devouring the souls of the dead, adding a piece of armor for each soul.
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Overwatch: Fall of a Family Final part
        Somewhere in the U.S.
Play this Music:
        D.Va had reached her house. It was nice, quiet, away from any major city, in nice, moderate temperatures, grasslands. Dad wanted them to move this far away from the world so that he could teach her the values of hard work and finishing what you started. While it was about an hour’s drive to the closest city, Hana spent most of her life playing in the fields with her parents, or playing videogames. The house never had a lock, as they didn’t have neighbors, and anyone who broke in would have to deal with Jack.
        The house itself was plain and dusty. Jack never came back after Angelica was killed. D.Va took a while to look around. There were many memories here: Her first slumber party, the high school graduation party, dad’s
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Overwatch: Fall of a Family Pt2
      “Excuse me young lady?” Jack asked, skeptical.
      “You heard me. The U.S. Army wants you brought in, and they sent me to do it.” D.Va answered, trying her hardest to be strong. If this went wrong, she’d have to kill her farther in self-defense.
      “Then the U.S Army is either desperate or lobotomized. Sending my own daughter. Only Strong would think of an idea like that.”
      “Dad, please. I didn’t come here to fight.”
      “You say in a heavily armed and armored mech. And a pistol strapped to your side.”
       His eyesight is as good as ever. D.Va thought to herself as she got out her Meka. After all, dad taught her to only carry weapons if she was willing to take a life.
      “Dad, listen to yourself. Hell, look at everything you’ve done. You’ve slaughtered everyo
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Overwatch: Fall of a Family Pt1
   So, after seeing a post by I decided to write a fanfic for him. Some info for the fanfic:
       In it, Jack Morrison and Angelica Ziegler (A.K.A Soldier 76 and Mercy) are married, and their adoptive daughter is Hana Song (A.K.A D.Va). Only Jack was a soldier in Overwatch, and he was a total grunt, no one important, while Angelica owned her own hospital. Gabriel Reyes (A.K.A Reaper), who was Jack’s adoptive brother, was betrayed and killed by Overwatch, which resulted in Jack quitting and staring a crusade to bring Overwatch, and all of its allies, down.
                                                                          At any cost.
       Our story picks up where his rampage left off.
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Doomfist Bio
So, I know it took awhile to join the Overwatch Train, considering how long it's been out, but better late than never, eh? Anyway, I decided to do my own take on a not-so-known character: Doomfist. I've created a little made up bio for the dude, so do not consider this canon. Without further adieu, let's look at my take of Doomfist
Nationality: Ireland
Height: 6'7
Weight: 259 pounds in pure muscle
Age: 29
Appearance: Right arm completely replaced with golden gauntlet, dark skin, has white, unkempt hair,  and eight-pack abs. Formally wore full body armor with Overwatch colors. He still wares the armor, but with a red and black color scheme, and a red cape. Also has most of his face covered in third degree burns.
Bio: Patrick Strong was born to a middle-class family in Belfast, Ireland. While he did average in grades in school, Patrick had difficulty focusing, and would often daydream, no matter how hard he tried not to. Until one day, a mentally unstable teenager attempted to shoot
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Darksiders fanfic Chapter 14: Til Death do us Part
       “That it does Anubis. I hope you’re ready for me.” Strife replied as he spun Redemption’s cylinder for luck. Behind him, blows began to shake the structure, probably Jess and Akari having to deal with reinforcements. Just like with Xing Tian, Strife had neither time nor patience to deal with Anubis.
        As the Cobra struck, Strife found himself inside the creature’s mouth, where he activated Overkill, blowing the beast’s body apart. Anubis was launched into the air from the sudden force, but landed on his feet. The god then drew his weapon and twirled it around.
       “Do you really want to do this, Pagan god? You’re no warrior.”
       “Maybe so, but I’m more than powerful enough to take you on.”
       “While we fight, Heaven and Hell get closer and closer to finding a Seal. And when one of them d
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Darksiders fanfic Chapter 13: Prison Break
        Once more using the Event Horizon, Strife made his way back to the Golden Sun, and began to look for Jess. By now, the ship was hovering over the Underworld Kingdom, where the people of the Egyptian gods went after they died. The city here was a cracked reflection of the one above. Where the Golden Oasis was a thriving metropolis, the one down here was a long abandoned ruin.
After a short search, Strife found his servant in the hall, talking with a servant. He called to her and gave orders.
       “Come along Jess. We don’t have time to rest. We have to find the next clue.”
       “Why don’t we have time to rest?” she asked.
       “Heaven just found its first clue. I imagine Hell isn’t far behind.”
       “What of the other masters? Surely they found theirs as well.”
       “If the
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Darksiders fanfic Chapter 12: Ninja Mode
      With the absence of the Golden Sun, night had fallen, and most people had packed up their shops and left for the day. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted Birdbrain taking over a shift.
     “Hey Birdbrain, have you seen this man?” Strife asked as he walked over.
      Using his finger, he carved a face with stunning detail into the nearby house. The face looked like a cucumber with two narrow slits for eyes, a broken nose, with a pear as an earring. Birdbrain let out a sigh.
     “Whatever did Ammon do to deserve your attention?”
     “I suspect he was in league with the fallen angels that attacked us.”
     “How do you know?”
     “I saw him light up a device that appeared to be angelic in origin. Thirty-eight minutes later, we get attacked by angels. Coincidence?”
     “I see your lo
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Darksiders fanfic Chapter 11: Trust No One
       The ship was a ramming galley with a hull, mast, and sail all of gold, hence the name. It was as long as a city block, and was about as wide as an aircraft carrier’s run strip. But appearances can be deceiving. Despite the appearance of an average war galley, it was, in reality, just as spacious as a mansion, with several rooms for guests and servants.
       As it dipped down as if from a waterfall, into the underworld, Strife was getting ready for a dinner with the Egyptian pantheon. And he hated every minute of it, unlike his servant.
      “Hold still, lord Strife!”
      “You try to put on itchy, fancy, weak fabric, and see if you can sit still!”
      “I got my dress on just fine, I’m sure you can do the same, master. Besides, this fabric isn’t weak. Now… hold… still…”
       With one final zip, the
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Darksiders fanfic Chapter 10: False Peace
       Strife was not wrong. The figure above was indeed the welcome committee, and a legit welcome committee at that.
      “Welcome to the Golden Oasis, Horseman Strife!” The figure declared to the puzzled duo.
       The man, if he could even be called that, stood at ten feet tall with broad shoulders, with the head and feet of a hawk. But the rest of his body was human, and covered only by a skirt and a golden necklace. Across his chest were two straps that held two swords on his back. This was an Avenger, a special soldier created by Horus after he overthrew Set back on Earth. The Avenger bowed low to the Rider and his servant.
      “Umm, thanks…. is there a reason Ra or Horus is playing gracious host?” Strife asked, still holding Mercy and Redemption.
      “Of course. Neither of them want trouble in our grand city, and since things go wrong around you, they w
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Darksiders fanfic Chapter 9: Into the Fold
       The two broke through and saw themselves on a cliff overlooking a city, with a paved road nearby leading to it. Unlike the Asian Pagan gods, the Egyptian Pagan gods regularly interacted with their Pagan people. Strife then realized something. By now, one of his siblings had probably reached their respective clues, and remembered to put up their mental barriers. Using one of his fingers, he slit his throat and used his blood to bring forth his ever faithful demonic servant: Jess.
       Jess appeared to be human. Female, with a body both gracefully lithe and curved. On her face were eyes the color of lava, and her head sported brown, flowy hair. Her body was wrapped in tight leather black armor, reinforced at the waist, shoulders, and elbows. In addition to her strongly framed, somewhat pale face, she also wore spectacles the humans called glasses. But that was where the human appearances ended. Curving out both of her shoulders where singl
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Darksiders fanfic Chapter 8: Memories
       Strife cursed himself as he realized he forgot to put up his mental barriers. Barriers that could have kept the new locale a secret. Now, the other factions not only knew the new location of another clue, but he now lost the element of surprise. He put the scroll back into its case and strapped it to his waist with no visible restraints. He then summoned Mischief and prepared to leave.
      “Strife! There’s something I need to tell you!” Guan Yu shouted.
      “What? If it’s a request to come along, the answer’s no. I work better alone.”
      “No. Remember the visions I told you about? When I got stabbed with the dagger you call Cruel Remembrance? That surge just now felt exactly like it.”
      “That’s a surprise? The Culprit has the dagger, and it has special powers. It makes sense to incorporate that power into the clues. The Culp
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Darksiders fanfic Chapter 7: Out of Patience
      As Strife created a massive crater where he landed, where he saw Guan Yu and Akari mopping up what was left of Xing Tian’s army in a massive field of corpses and scrap metal and burning wood. Sticking out amongst the rest of the bodies was Susanoo’s, which was raised above his weapon as if it were a flagpole, and his body was the flag.
      Guan Yu looked like he had done the most work, as he was covered in blood, but strangely enough, wasn’t out of breath. In fact, he looked like it was more of an exercise than a battle. Meanwhile, Akari was panting and lying on the floor, but had no visible wounds. All around them was what used to be a forest, but was now just piles of burning wood. Strife walked towards them and killed a straggler reaching for its weapon.
      “So, enjoy your little workout while I was gone?”
      “Yes. It felt good to finally do something than compete with Wukon
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Darksiders fanfic Chapter 6: To Fight a Storm
        As Strife began to make his way up through the ruins, he heard the sounds of battle from the area he once was at. He’d have a few hours to himself before Guan Yu and Akari finished with the army. He surveyed the ruins, and it would be no walk in the park. All the more reason to get started. After a long few minutes after riding atop a summoned Mischief, the beaten path began to cease, and Strife was forced to start climbing. He didn’t have to climb long before he reached the first parts of the ruin. He jumped for a red pole sticking out of a piece of debris that was clinging on for dear life. Fortunately, Strife was almost weightless, despite his appearance and armor. Using holes in what he assumed was the former ceiling, he scaled upwards and, upon reaching the top, saw a massive and tall room with furniture scattered everywhere, and a hole in the upper right. Strife started to stack the furniture until it was a mountain that lead to the hole, a
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Darksiders fanfic Chapter 5: Reunion
         The boom of a rifle was heard and everyone took cover. Everyone but Xing Tian, who had reached for the point of impact, which was now a crack in his helmet. While it was now just a blob of energy, his ‘head’ was the only thing animating his armor. If his helmet were to be destroyed, he would go with it. Luckily, he had not forgotten about the Horseman, and ordered Fujin to create strong wings around all of them should Strife try something like this, long before Guan Yu emerged. And even then, the Horseman almost succeeded. The shot may not have hit the helmet directly, but it was enough to weaken Xing Tian, who now ordered his Oni and other beasts to attack Guan Yu. He then turned to the Riders of the Storm and ordered them to follow as he left the soon-to-be graveyard.
         In the Jade Realm, the Emperor invoked powerful magic to prevent anyone from unleashing their full power. Now that he was out of the Realm,
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Darksiders fanfic Chapter 4: Story Time
       As they began to descend the massive spiral staircase that led below, Strife decided to break the silence.
      “How did the Jade Realm fall so easily? Especially since you and Sun Wukong were here?”
      “You have heard of the Crucible, yes?”
      “Yes. It’s the greatest area in all Creation that offers the finest treasures to the rare few allowed to compete in its brutal trials by combat.”
      “It was there that this all began. Every major power was invited, save the Charred Counsel. When we got there, everyone was wondering who would be fighting who in order to demand so many important people. The Jade Emperor brought me, Xing Tian, and Sun Wukong as his bodyguards, in case it was a trap. And you can imagine our surprise when not just the three of us, but every major power’s champion was teleported to the arena. Abbadon and Samael tried to
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Yoruichi bikini by EcchiAnimeEdits Yoruichi bikini :iconecchianimeedits:EcchiAnimeEdits 18 0 Lewd Palutena by HinaKitty
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Lewd Palutena :iconhinakitty:HinaKitty 56 1
Christmas in July by dead-kittens3 Christmas in July :icondead-kittens3:dead-kittens3 181 47 Patreon Reward: Youko Shiragami by dead-kittens3 Patreon Reward: Youko Shiragami :icondead-kittens3:dead-kittens3 174 36 Patreon Reward: for Poisonsery by dead-kittens3 Patreon Reward: for Poisonsery :icondead-kittens3:dead-kittens3 156 15 Garden Series: Apple by dead-kittens3 Garden Series: Apple :icondead-kittens3:dead-kittens3 122 9 Hinata - Sexy bunny outfit by EcchiAnimeEdits Hinata - Sexy bunny outfit :iconecchianimeedits:EcchiAnimeEdits 54 0 Sakura and Sarada - Christmas theme! by EcchiAnimeEdits Sakura and Sarada - Christmas theme! :iconecchianimeedits:EcchiAnimeEdits 47 1 Cana ~ Breast Expansion Jutsu! by EcchiAnimeEdits Cana ~ Breast Expansion Jutsu! :iconecchianimeedits:EcchiAnimeEdits 71 2 Yukino tied up ~ Breast Expansion Jutsu! by EcchiAnimeEdits Yukino tied up ~ Breast Expansion Jutsu! :iconecchianimeedits:EcchiAnimeEdits 57 0 Sway by demon1582 Sway :icondemon1582:demon1582 193 4 Shepard by ShuraKRGT Shepard :iconshurakrgt:ShuraKRGT 808 28 Me - The salarian pilot by TheSalmonArt Me - The salarian pilot :iconthesalmonart:TheSalmonArt 27 0 mr V by maruhana-bachi mr V :iconmaruhana-bachi:maruhana-bachi 127 5 Reyes Vidal in Shadow by shimmyrum Reyes Vidal in Shadow :iconshimmyrum:shimmyrum 18 6 Really, Ryder? by Alassa Really, Ryder? :iconalassa:Alassa 46 2


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